Please review your dress code letter before your sitting!

Clovis hIGH Senior Letter

If you choose NOT to go to Larson Brothers, please read carefully:

You may have your photo taken by any photographer you wish, professional or otherwise. Follow these guidelines carefully! 

Clothing MUST be formal or business professional. (If you can’t envision a bank manager wearing it, it’s probably not going to be accepted. Pretend you’reinterviewing for a job in New York City.) NO jeans or jeans jackets. No shorts. No T-shirts or tops that look like a T-shirt. If you’re wearing a collared shirt, you must also wear a tie. Dresses/tops MUST have sleeves. Anything out of dress code will not be accepted.

No hats or headbands.
Be carefulof showing too much skin.
No seductive or reclining poses.
No propslike cars, pets, flowers, sporting equipment, etc.

Background can be almost anything as long as it is high school appropriate and notdistracting. Bring file or printed photo to E-09 before Thanksgiving break. NO EMAILED PHOTOS.

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